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LS-01-00 C date 01-12-2015

The Board at DBP Plastics n.v. aims to achieve quality levels taking into consideration the following points:




We endorse these seven core principles and apply them in the following manner: 


  • We consistently aim to minimise the negative impact, and to maximise the positive impact of our activities with regard to the environment, society and the economy.
  • We periodically list and prioritise those topics that we find relevant and significant within our corporate social responsibility.


  • We publish our goals/plans, efforts and results with regard to corporate social responsibility on our company websites. We invite our stakeholders to react to these publications.
  • We shall be transparent in our methods and their impact on the environment, society and the economy.

Ethical behaviour

  • We shall demonstrate strength and honour in the way we do business with suppliers, customers and competitors. We shall treat our customers and suppliers both fairly and objectively.
  • An ethical code is included and operational within our mission statement, making it an integral part of our company policy and staff guidelines.

Respect for the interests of stakeholders

  • We encourage dialogue with our most important stakeholders. We invite stakeholders to share their interests with us so that we may take these into consideration.

Respect for the law and legislation

  • We respect the relevant national and international legislation in those countries where we operate.

Respect for international codes of conduct

  • At a minimum we aim to respect the international codes of conduct in those situations where the law and legislation does not provide adequate protection of the environment and the people.
  • We aim to respect these standards as much as possible in those countries where the legislation or the implementation thereof conflict with international codes of conduct.
  • Where possible and appropriate we adapt the nature of our involvement and activities within a jurisdiction, in cases where the jurisdiction’s legislation or implementation thereof conflicts with international codes of conduct and ignoring the codes would have a significant impact.
  • We only consider legitimate opportunities and contacts when attempting to influence organisations and authorities in order to avoid any potential conflict.
  • We avoid being involved in other companies’ activities, which are not consistent with the international codes of conduct.

Respect for human rights

  • We respect human rights, including being fair towards those human rights, which are still under development or are being introduced, in line with the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights, and offer appropriate training, comply with the national laws and rules in all regions and countries where we are operational, and respect international human rights in the case of a conflict between the internationally recognised human rights and national laws.


  • Know the needs, desires and expectations of our customers.
  • Transform these into internal requirements and quality standards.
  • Provide a safe product, which satisfies the customer’s requirements and also respects the relevant laws and legislation.
  • Permanently measuring and analysing customer satisfaction allows us to continuously improve the efficiency of our quality management system.
  • Give priority to external communication with our customers and internal communication with our staff.
  • Our quality management system describes the processes and the procedures to be managed and applied by every personnel member within his role, and investments are to be made in personnel training to encourage maximum involvement.
  • The safety and well-being of our staff is one of our priorities, within which ethical matters are an important area of responsibility throughout the company.


  • We have the intention to produce food-safe products, which comply with the specifications and the appropriate laws and legislation.
  • Our ultimate goal is to have zero food safety issues.
  • Compliance with food safety rules is always a part of our responsibility.
  • All work-related food safety issues can be avoided.
  • All food safety risks are manageable.
  • All unsafe situations concerning food safety must be resolved immediately.
  • All staff members must be trained to the extent that they can carry out their duties without causing any food safety problems among our customers.
  • Audits must be carried out in order to ensure that we comply with our food safety policy.
  • It is the duty of every single staff member to take action to ensure and improve the hygiene in the working environment.
  • This food safety policy also applies to our visitors.
  • The most important elements in our food safety policy are the right attitude and behaviour of all people with regard to food safety.


  • It is the duty of everyone in the organisation to protect our staff.
  • An accident can never be justified.
  • We aim to avoid any personal injury, or damage to material or the environment.
  • All the necessary means are to be employed to guarantee and improve levels of safety on a continuous basis.
  • In the event of an accident then we shall analyse the case, in order to act immediately, taking the necessary precautions to avoid the recurrence of such an accident.


  • Caring for the environment is a priority when conducting our activities. We wish to avoid contamination by limiting the emission of harmful substances, managing waste effectively and by operating in an environmentally friendly manner. In carrying out permanent measurement we ensure that there is continuous improvement in our environmental performance.
  • We take account of environmental criteria when making strategic decisions.
  • We treat raw materials and energy responsibly and reducing waste is one of our core tasks.


The implementation of this policy is entrusted to the Management team, who have direct responsibility to the Board. They have the authority to identify issues, propose corrective and preventative measures and to get these enforced.

The quality management team shall periodically check compliance with this policy. Specific targets will be formulated during meetings of this team with a view to continuous improvement in quality, safety, well-being and care for the environment.

The policy is focused on achieving these goals within the allotted timescale.

To this effect the board will uphold their responsibility at all times and provide the necessary means in the form of production tools, personnel and training to support and follow up implementation and continuous improvement in the complete quality system. 

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