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Business Values

DBP Plastics is a family business with a no-nonsense culture where ethics has an important place. Our business philosophy is based on the following key values:

Passion & Dedication

All DBP’s staff, from technicians, engineers, sales & marketing officers and accountants to the CEO, do their work with passion and devotion. This is clearly noticeable in the enthusiasm and the motivation exhibited by our employees every day, which results in a highly productive and pleasant working environment.


At DBP Plastics, respect prevails: Respect for customers, for suppliers, for colleagues, for competition, for the natural world, and so on. Respect is everywhere, and rightly so!


We expect all our employees to behave with integrity at all times, regardless of where they are or who they are dealing with. Honesty and sincerity, after all, is the key to a long-lasting relationship and the most benefits for all involved.


DBP Plastics is always open and transparent, both internally and externally. That means clarity, essential for all those involved to know exactly what is going on, and something appreciated by both current customers and prospective customers.


At DBP Plastics, we are primarily concerned with conserving energy and avoiding waste. We handle materials and packaging responsibly, organise logistics as efficiently as possible to reduce CO2 emissions, and use energy-efficient machinery. All waste is separated and recycled, while 100% of our own plastic waste is recovered and reused in new products. It all adds up to us minimising our ecological footprint.

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