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Mission Statement

At DBP Plastics, our focus is on developing a long-term relationship of trust with all our customers and business partners. Our objective is to be a flexible and reliable partner offering top-quality products, so everything we do is based on the following 5 key pillars:

1. Quality

Quality is the guiding principle in the whole process, from product development to after-sales service, and is guaranteed by means of various tests and checks.
Our employees have extensive expertise and regularly attend training courses, both internal and external. As a result, they are always aware of the latest trends, developments, materials and techniques in their fields.

2. Innovation

We provide reliable products with a proven reputation and shelf rotation. This basic range is regularly supplemented with new innovative products. However, DBP Plastics does not merely innovate for the sake of it. It is very important to continually create new functional objects that facilitate daily life and add colour to it, so we work with renowned design firms and carry out market research with them before developing new products.

 3. Sustainability

DBP Plastics considers it very important that its products have the longest possible lifespan, so we are structurally investing in innovative and sustainable technologies and materials to make this a reality. We strive to limit both our energy consumption and environmental footprint as much as possible, and keep it that way, by using environmentally friendly and high-tech production methods, so that the lifespan of the natural world is also maximised.

4. Functionality / Design

A product must have a clear use: it must make life easier in some way. However, functionality alone is no longer enough, products must also be attractively designed. Looks and the feeling generated are increasingly important to consumers.

To make sure we are going in the right direction and making the right decisions, we consult renowned design firms. The designers at these agencies are in touch with local cooking cultures and eating habits, and always aware of the latest trends, so they are perfectly positioned to creatively translate a new idea into an attractive functional design.

 5. Customer care

DBP Plastics’ priority is to build long-term relationships with all its customers, and be a flexible and reliable partner. Whatever our customers’ requirements, we do everything possible to meet them. That is why we offer proactive assistance to our customers, listen carefully to their needs, and develop high-quality and tailored solutions to answer them. We guide our customers in a clear manner through the entire process.

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